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Through a partnership with Denver’s Great Kids Head Start, and preschools in the metro area, cmDance is providing jazz, swing, and movement classes to preschool children throughout Denver.

During the 2013 school year, cmDance taught over 700 preschool dance and movement classes in 15 schools across 4 districts.

Community Minded Dance has also been a Cultural Partner of the Denver Biennial of the Americas in 2010 and again in 2013.

In 2010 we performed at the opening ceremony for the Biennial and held a 2 hour long variety show highlighting music and dance of Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and the United States. The Celebration culminated with the Lindy on the Rocks dinner show.

This year we hosted a group of 16 dancers and musicians called Grupo Folklorico Copelec from Chillan, Chile.  We hosted the welcome dance featuring a performance of multiple styles of dance and music from South and North America. Our annual event, Lindy on the Rocks, was also part of the celebration, featuring an outdoor Sunday dance at historic Cheesman Park with social dancing, competitions, and performances.

We were also fortunate to have this Chilean group participate in our Denver preschool programming to share the music and dance of Chile with the students.


Community-Minded Dance (cmDance) is a non-profit organization. cmDance’s mission is to foster the next generation of dancers and musicians in Colorado. We do so by providing educational dance programs taught by expert instructors to Colorado schools. We also host dance and music festivals that bring world-champion instructors, musicians, and dancers to educate audiences of all ages.Our programs feature the music and dances of the Americas, including Lindy Hop and Argentine Tango, as well as other Vintage and Folkloric dances such as Cueca, Swing, Charleston, Balboa, Jitterbug, and Tap. We strive to inform and entertain Colorado audiences with unique and historical dance experiences.



20130207_133757cmDance is involved in schools all over Colorado, working to foster the next generation of dancer, musician, and artist. We have classes with children from preschool through high school, and also work with the Denver Great Kids Head Start Program to bring the joy of dance education to underprivileged youth.

The Denver Great Kids Head Start Program is an award winning program that prepares children to enter kindergarten confidently with the social, physical, emotional, and cognitive skills and competencies necessary for continued school success.  Click here to learn more about our partnership.

In addition, cmDance gives upcoming Denver dancers the chance to attend large events and workshops on scholarship, an opportunity they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Help fund our school programs by making a tax deductible donationcmDance is a non-profit 501(c)and your donation is tax deductible.