Founded in 1999, CMDance strives to build healthy, thriving communities through world-class arts education programs that bring the global culture of both solo and partnered vernacular dancing to youth and adults.

What we do

  • Reaching 10,000 youth throughout Denver public schools

  • Hosting International dance festivals

  • Connecting the community through dance & music

Activating spaces, connecting people
— Caryn C


- Increase access to dance experiences enriching the lives of children and community members -


In 1999, Community-Minded Dance founder and executive director Caryn Carrasco found herself enveloped in the cultural revival of American swing music and dance. Frankie Manning and Norma Miller, swing dancing legends from Harlem’s Savoy Ballroom, traveled to cities around the world, bringing the spirit and movement of America’s roots to a new generation. Inspired by this global dance movement, CMDance comes to life as the first organization responsible for world-class social dance education and arts programming.

As our people invited swing, and later Argentine tango, dance instructors to teach eager beginners at workshops in Colorado, they witnessed the transformation of a community. Through expressing the music and communicating with a partner, class participants experienced illuminating personal breakthroughs. CMDance expanded its programs to bring the life-changing impact of dance education to youth in Colorado.


In 2007, CMDance secured 501(C)3 status and began to respond to the high demand from school administrators. In 2010 CMDance partnered with Denver Mayor’s Office of Children’s Affairs and Denver Great Kids Head Start (DGKHS) to develop a program that would introduce dance and movement into Head Start classrooms.

Today, CMDance holds a prominent position in the Colorado arts scene with both its school outreach and broader community engagement. CMDance hosts three annual, nationally recognized dance events, and 100% of the proceeds from those events support our youth programs. CMDance partners include Arts and Venues Denver, Denver Art Museum, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Denver Botanic Gardens, Downtown Denver Partnership, Tango Colorado, and Colorado Swing Dance Club.


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